Published on Tuesday October 15, 2019 at 10:26
Charging terminals for electric cars
As part of a group order for electric cars led by the Pays de Retz (PETR), 28 local authorities purchased at least one vehicle, including the Sud Estuary Community of Communes and the municipalities of Corsept, Paimboeuf. and Saint-Brevin.

This approach aims to democratize the use of electric vehicles. At the same time, "Sydego" charging stations will be installed in all the communes of the CCSE. In total, 196 terminals are planned on the 146 municipalities that account the Department of Loire-Atlantique.

Saint-Brevin will soon be equipped with 4 recharging stations with electric assistance: 3 "accelerated" (1 h 30de load) at the pole of the Bresse, boulevard de l'Océan and the parking lot Aquajade Aquatic complex and 1 "fast" (20 minutes) at the Mindin reception area.
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