They tell us...

For them Saint-Brevin Sud Estuaire is not a destination but a way of living. For who? The inhabitants, weather they were born here or moved here.
They tell us what it is like to live in this remarkable environment.

Tom, grand sportif

Tom, 7 ans, grand sportif !
Saint-Brevin, ville de champions !
Depuis toute ma vie... de 7 ans, je vis à Saint-Brevin. J'aime quand l'occasion se présente, prendre le goûter sur la plage, après l'école, et quand papa m'apprend à surfer la vague ! Avec mes grandes soeurs, tout au long de l'année, nous apprenons, en piscine durant les mois d'hiver, et en mer dès l'arrivée du Printemps, à être autonome dans l'eau et sauver les autres en mer, via l'association Sud Estuaire Sauvetage Côtier Bevinois...

Claude Le Bail, passionné d'électronique

Claude Le Bail, jeune retraité passionné d'électronique
Réparer plutôt que jeter !
Un vendredi soir par mois, le Son'Art ouvre ses portes à une poignée de bricoleurs experts venus partager leur savoir-faire pour réparer les machines de notre quotidien : fours à micro-ondes, ordinateurs, lave-linge et tout  appareil mécanique ou électronique. Au départ, il y a eu la rencontre de Mickaël Chauvet, animateur du Son'Art, et Claude Le Bail, jeune retraité passionné d'électronique… et de solidarité. À eux de...

Mathéo, fan de kite-surf à Saint-Brevin

My thing is my yellow helmet; I wear it every time I’m on water so people recognize me.
My name is Mathéo Coguiec. I’m thirteen and I’m at the René Guy Cadou middle school in Saint-Brevin. I practice kitesurfing for 3 years now and I’m starting to do more and more competitions. These regular practices helped me improving my level and ending up 9th at the world championship last month. People pay attention to me because I think I’m one of the youngest kitesurfer. My thing is my yellow helmet; I wear it every time I’...


René Guy Cadou wrote: “At seven years old, […] it felt so good to gather at home” So come in Saint-Brevin and you will see, you will come back again and again!
When someone asks me where I come from I always answer Saint-Brevin. However, I wasn’t born here; I simply used to come for every summer holidays until my seventh birthday. What I like when I come back here is the holiday spirit and the calm of this place that a keep discovering every day when I walk or go cycling around. Saint-Brevin has several aspects: in one hand the Ocean, the long wild beaches, the water sports, the mysterious forest, t...

Marie-Paule Mabile

Marie-Paule Mabile, living in Paimboeuf since 1991
To live in Paimboeuf is a privilege, I can assure you!
I love Paimboeuf! To live in Paimboeuf is a privilege, I can assure you! Paimboeuf looks like the Loire River ans the Loire River looks like Paimboeuf: each one has changing colors and lights and is original. The river, the atmosphere, the historical heritage and the inhabitants make of Paimboeuf a grat place to live.  


I moved to Saint-Brevin recently. Here i have found the balance between my private life, my passion for water sports and my job, only 10 kilometers from here. The many schools and shops made of Saint-Brevin a great place to live in, at the pace of the ocean. To know more :

Denis Peshaud

Denis Peshaud, a former sailor
« To be bored in Saint-Brevin, it has to be on purpose, there are more than 180 different associations »
Denis lives in Saint-Brevin since more than 12 years. First he was a state sailor, and then he became the head teacher of an environmental group. That is why for him, living in the seaside was obvious. What does he love about Saint-Brevin? The nature The long sandy beach, the dunes, the path made of barks and the Pierre Attelée forest. He loves to take a walk there with family and friends no matter the weather just to observe this changing ...