Denis Peshaud

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Denis lives in Saint-Brevin since more than 12 years. First he was a state sailor, and then he became the head teacher of an environmental group. That is why for him, living in the seaside was obvious.
What does he love about Saint-Brevin?

The nature
The long sandy beach, the dunes, the path made of barks and the Pierre Attelée forest. He loves to take a walk there with family and friends no matter the weather just to observe this changing nature.

The culture
There are cultural activities all year long. Last summer i discovered a new singer, Vianney. Found of cinema, i never miss the « Cinema Encounters », or the opera broadcastings. The weeks of cinema, music and theater are as much opportunities for me to enrich my personal culture.

The Pointeau
I love to take a walk in the paths covered in flowers of the Pointeau Park. Then go along the dunes, the bunker and to the nautical base to see the sand yachts and the catamarans that colored the ocean. As the day goes by, the colors change.

The markets
All the markets are unmissable. The atmosphere there shows that Saint-Brevin is a city for families of all generations. What takes us many time is not the shopping part but, the chatting part with friends.

« To be bored in Saint-Brevin, it has to be on purpose, there are more than 180 different associations »